Virage Upgrades its Enterprise Media Server

San Mateo, Calif.’s Virage Inc. has completed the latest rendition of its rich media server and released it to the public Wednesday.

Virage Solution Server 4.0 is different from the previous three versions because it features search technology from Verity and supports multiple data formats, including images and documents. It’s geared for the enterprise, to help with Webcasting chores, publishing and corporate learning tasks.

The new software incorporates Verity’s K2 Developer tools, which Virage hopes will offer present customers with improved search capability and greater efficiency in managing large amounts of video, audio, images and text. Virage Solution Server 4.0 comes with a complete set of developer tools for third parties to develop their own customized solutions.

The new server agreed with Yankee Group analyst Paul Ritter, who watches enterprise-streaming closely.

“More corporations are using streaming media for mission-critical applications such as corporate communications, employee training, and marketing,” Ritter said. “The Virage platform and packaged solutions for Webcasting and publishing provide companies with a capability to improve efficiency by developing and managing rich-media applications. These applications support video as well as the wide range of other data types that almost every corporation uses today.”

Virage Solution Server 4.0, which also comes with improved security capabilities, is the latest in the evolution of the company’s bread-and-butter software. In the last quarter, Virage introduced user management, folders and playlists into its server platform.

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