WebSideStory Is a Hit With LexisNexis

WebSideStory Inc., a San Diego-based Web analytics ASP, today announced that legal and news information provider LexisNexis has selected HitBox Enterprise to provide analysis of visitor behavior activity on its network of sites.

HitBox Enterprise is designed to provide analysis without requiring users to process, manage or maintain Web server log files.
Using its service, WebSideStory says that LexisNexis executives get point-and-click access to the behavior of visitors to more than a dozen sites, spread across multiple servers in different geographic locations.

HitBox Enterprise, according to WebSideStory, assists LexisNexis in maintaining enforcement of its privacy policy protecting individuals’ personal information. The service is built to allows the company to collect only anonymous, aggregated information.

“HitBox Enterprise provides insight about our online customer base,” said Pavan Mediratta, director of e-services for LexisNexis. “We can get an apples-to-apples comparison of user behavior for each of our sites, and a comprehensive global view. This helps us to assess the overall effectiveness of our sites in generating revenue.”

WebSideStory says that HitBox Enterprise is designed to handle complex, multiple server environments because it collects information directly from the browsers of site visitors as opposed to Web server logs. All the information is collected in real time and made available through a convenient online interface.

“HitBox Enterprise takes the cumbersome task of processing Web log data completely out of LexisNexis’ network and allows the company to focus on its core competencies,” said John J. Hentrich, president and CEO for WebSideStory.

LexisNexis executives, according to WebSideStory, can see in real time which paths lead to the most purchases; which content, products and services visitors prefer for each site and across the network; and which keywords, search engines and affiliates drive the most customers.

WebSideStory is listed by ASPnews as a Top 20 Provider.

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