Yahoo! Becomes Bigger Host

Responding to an increase in demand from both consumers and small businesses, Web Portal, Yahoo! Inc. , today announced it is expanding its Web hosting offerings through Yahoo! GeoCities introduction of two new packages.

The launch of both GeoCities Plus and GeoCities Advantage, now means Yahoo! GeoCities offers four pay-for Web hosting packages, in addition to its previous offerings GeoCities Pro and GeoCities Webmaster that were introduced in August 2001.

Yahoo! says that both GeoCities Plus and Advantage offer advanced page-building tools, greater storage capacity, and additional personalization features for both first-time users setting up a personal home page or creating a professional site for a small business.

“Yahoo! GeoCities now offers a full range of options, from building free and easy personal Web pages to robust and advanced small business sites,” says Mark Hull, director of Yahoo! Community Services.

The GeoCities Plus package is designed for users wanting to create an ad-free site with flexible tools. It provides 25MB of storage, FTP access, and increased bandwidth for sharing graphics files.

The GeoCities Advantage offering targets more experienced Web site builders and can provide small businesses with to establish a professional online presence.

Its features include access to 20 SiteWizard templates and advanced editing tools that include PHP scripting capabilities, for building an ad-free and dynamic Web site.

The package provides users with 100MB of storage, a domain name and up to15 sub domains, as well as theYahoo! Mail Business Edition e-mail service, which provides five separate 25MB mailboxes.

Yahoo! argues that the addition of the new Web hosting packages will allow it to expand its user base into new market segments and provide consumers with added space, more personalization and greater flexibility with personal Web sites.

Comments Hull: “With the introduction of the GeoCities Plus and Advantage packages, we are furthering Yahoo!’s strategy to offer bundled products and well-defined for-pay services that add value to our users.”

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