An iPod/iPhone accessory that may be a life saver

Just in time for the holiday season and drinks for toasting the New Year comes a handy gadget iPod and iPhone users may find useful.

The iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer, from the [David Steel](, lets users assess their intoxication level with a few simple steps.

Company founder, and iBreath inventor, Don Bassler explained that the idea came long before the iPhone arrived in June 2007.

He was sitting poolside two years ago with a friend and the friend had bought his son a breathalyzer to use on prom night.

Bassler said his friend became a bit annoyed as the teen then put on his iPod and said he wished there was some way to communicate to him through his iPod.

The two issues clicked for Bassler, an admitted Apple loyalist.

Soon after he had a prototype and images up online and even some premature media coverage.

The problem was there was no actual product to sell until last week, when, after Apple’s blessing, he launched the iBreath.

Business has been brisk, he said.

“Our stance is that no one should drink and get in a car,” said Bassler.

But people do it every day and Bassler hopes his tool it will save lives.

The 47-year-old, who’s been in product sales since his college days, said the price of $79 is much cheaper than the costs associated with a drinking and driving conviction, and certainly a small price for avoiding killing someone while drinking and driving.

In California, he noted, breaking the DWI law can end up costing upwards about $8,000 in legal fees, fines and other related costs.

Bassler is looking to develop a similar tool for the BlackBerry down the road, as well as other iPod accessories.

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