Apple, Oracle, EMC and Microsoft bought Novell’s patents

From the ‘Produktmarkte:Patente‘ files:

So who is behind CPTN Holdings — the group that is acquiring 882 patents from Novell for $450 million??

Initially the only details about the patents that we knew was that Microsoft was involved and that Novell is NOT selling their Unix copyrights. Now thanks to the German Government and a report from

CPTN Holdings includes Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and EMC. We don’t know the exact share breakdown at this point but we do what the primary product is that this group is offering.

The original german says it best: Produktmarkte:Patente

That’s right, this group’s product is patents.

The makeup of CPTN makes sense to me on a number of levels. The Open Invention Network (OIN) was supposed to be a clearing house for open source related patents, though it’s debatable how effective that group actually is today.

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