760,000 Exposed in Ohio State Breach

Ohio State University officials this week began notifying more than 760,000 current and former students and staff members that hackers this fall managed to infiltrate a server containing some of their most important personal information.

As eSecurity Planet reports, the massive breach was first discovered during a routine IT security review in late October. Hackers then accessed student and staff files containing names, social security numbers, birth dates and addresses.

Once the breach was discovered, university officials immediately “isolated” the server and “launched a thorough investigation including use of some of the nation’s best cyber forensic consultants.”

Investigators later determined that the unauthorized access was used to launch cyber attacks on other online businesses, though officials did not identify the other businesses affected.

More than 760,000 current and former Ohio State University students, faculty and staff this week are being notified this week that their personal information was repeatedly compromised earlier this year by hackers who managed to access an unsecured university server.

In an advisory posted on the university’s website, school officials said they began sending out notification letters this week to all affected individuals.

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Ohio State Deals With Massive Data Breach

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