Are Better Cell Service Days In Our Future?

If you think your users are frustrated with the cell service in play, don’t take it personally.

The aggravation of using a cell phone has reached all the way to the hallowed halls of our legislative bodies where a house subcommittee focused on telecom issues held a hearing this week on user rights while Congress considers a consumer rights bill.

My take? What the heck took them so long? It’s not like cell service just started tanking. It’s been tanking for years.

But I can guess why it’s taken so long. The lobbyist group for the telecom industry is likely quite powerful and I’m assuming it has worked very hard to avoid even whispers about enacting such a law.

My hope? That this bill moves fast and furious into fruition.

I’m tired of the poor cell service, the lock down on contracts, the fees. I’m guessing more than a few other business mobile device users are as well.

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