Are You A Magic Maker?

Nope, this post has nothing whatever to do with data storage.

But it does have everything to do with big dreams. And hey, everyone, even if they don’t admit, has big dreams. is helping Disney find its first ever Disney Chief of Magic (CMO).

No kidding here. Just check out the job description:

A simple dreamer won���t do. If you���re selected, you���ll wear an
official costume, and you���ll get some interesting coaching from a bunch of
characters. But you���ll have to play the part up to eight times in a 12-month
period beginning May 1, 2008 during The Year of a Million Dreams
celebration in 2008.

The Chief Magic Official will be tasked with helping create magic
for guests, including appearances at Walt Disney World�� Resort in Florida and Disneyland�� Resort in California.

Here are the ‘skills’ they’re looking for in applicants:

  • Able to make magical ���decrees���
  • Able to create magic experiences
  • Good interaction with guests
  • Able to make special appearances
  • Can spread magic and inspiration

Woowee. Can you make the magic happen? If so, grab the video cam and get your audition tape in by Jan. 27th.

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