At last, the Beatles on iTunes

Microsoft may be the butt of all the Borg jokes, but it looks like the real assimilator is Apple. iTunes now has th final big prize, it scored the entire back catalog for Beatles. The London Daily Mail reports Paul McCartney has reached an agreement to the tidy sum of $400 million.

McCartney will share the money with former bandmate Ringo Starr as well as the estates of his late bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison. Some of the money also goes to Michael Jackson, since he owns a good chunk of the Beatles publishing rights, and he could sure use the cash right about now.

Wouldn’t you know it, but this might mess up his interminable divorce. The Daily Mail said any attempt at finalizing his divorce from gold digg-, er, parasit-, er, ex-wife Heather Mills might get thrown out as she makes a grab at an even bigger settlement demand.

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