Bill & Jerry at the Shoe Circus

I had heard that Microsoft was looking to come back with an ad that would blow the Mac vs. PC guys away.

I love those guys. Yes I’m a Mac groupie from college, but I’ve also come around to see the beauty of the PC. And I just always found both of them cute and funny, and entertaining.

About three minutes ago I saw the advertising response from Microsoft. I think anyway.

I think but not sure because it was soooooooooo badddddddd.

Jerry Seinfeld’s walking the mall, sees Bill Gates trying on shoes at Shoe Circus, runs in and has an inane conversation during which he asks Bill if he wants a Churro (which Jerry is munching on), measures Bill’s foot at one point, asking, ‘is that your toe,’ to which Bill says ‘no, it’s leather,’ and then shows Bill how to stretch the shoes to fit (Gates is a size 10 by the way) and Bill gets shoes.

As they walk out the parking lot (both with Churros in hand at this point) Jerry asks some inane question about a new PC that can be eaten while you work on it (I need to rewind the DVR and check that I will admit).

I think Jerry then asks Gates to answer using his ‘shorts’ and Gates slows his pace, wiggles his tush and Seinfeld proclaims yippee.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s the Microsoft advertising team.

But to have one of the funniest guys in the last decade and one of the greatest, if not greatest, computing visionaries on television, in the same skit and not create one genuine moment beyond disbelief is a testament.

A testament to what, though, is what I’ll be pondering as I watch it again and again.

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