BlackBerry Isn’t Just For Work Anymore

Research in Motion’s been working hard to push its popular enterprise productivity tool, the BlackBerry, into the consumer space.

It hasn’t been an easy task thanks to Apple’s wunder device, the iPhone.

But RIM has obviously made some progress. Or have they?

After all Facebook downloads on the BlackBerry just surpassed the million mark.

And it’s just been five months since the BlackBerry Facebook software was launched.

I mean, heck, it has to be consumers and non-business people using it right? Sharing photos, Web tid bits, inviting friends to check out your updated Facebook profile — that’s social entertainment, not business work.

Or is it that professionals have discovered the allure of Facebook away from prying eyes in the workplace and at home?

Just how many business people have Facebook profiles? Just how many use it for business purposes?

A very unofficial survey of colleagues snapped me into reality.

I could be the only one I know without a Facebook profile.

I did get myself on Linked In and another social networking snazzy site, created by brilliant minds who all used to work together. But I’ve never even considered Facebook.

Maybe the reason I can’t wrap my mind around the download statistic is that when I think BlackBerry, I think stodgy professionals racing from one meeting to another, one coastline to another, checking email during flight layovers.

I don’t envision 13-year-old CrackBerry addicts, sharing gossip about their middle school science teacher, pulling a BlackBerry out of a packback to post on their social networking page.

No matter who’s doing the downloading, Facebook should send over some sort of thank-you gift to RIM, don’t you think?

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