Campaign Tech: Obama’s ringing endorsements…

I got to thinking today about what our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates use and don’t use when it comes to technology.

So I fired off some emails to the two campaigns, with questions about what each candidate thinks about technology today, the impact to our lives at work and at play, and what, if any, technology they use on a personal basis.

As I await responses, I decided to do a little checking around, starting with their respective campaign sites and I have to admit, as a registered independent, I’m slightly impressed with Obama-Biden’s ‘[Mobile](’ page.

12 ringtones with Obama’s voice booming out various messages right there for the downloading.

And some of them are downright spunky and be-bopping.

There’s something for every music lover it seems — a little rap, a little jazz, a little gospel, a little hard rock, a little inspirational gospel sounding.

I didn’t hear any Barry White ringtone rendition, though, which is disappointing as I likely would have downloaded that just for the fun of it, and conversation-starting aspect 😉

My favorite (in terms of beat that is) is No. 7.

There are also some wallpaper options though I couldn’t seem to get them to download.

But there is a neat text message sign-up so fans can get alerts about specific issues and updates on the campaign.

Over at the site’s [Downloads]( page you can get wallpapers too and even some widgets. There are also buddy icons.

Not too shabby.

**Tomorrow**: a look at the McCain-Palin site and tech aspects.

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