Corning Goes Ape With Gorilla Glass

As we take a look at innovation in this space, we may discover that technology and the wild is a growing phenomenon.

We already have the Apple Leopard OS.

And that’s where Corning (NYSE:GLW) is going, too, with its scratch-free, thin Gorilla glass, a touch-screen technology [announced]( last month.

Of course, it’s impressive to be able to touch any screen without scratching it. But with Corning’s proprietary fusion-technology platform, this glass is built to withstand extended abuse, according to the company.

In a statement, Corning said the [Gorilla glass technology]( “addresses the challenge of providing an ultra-durable screen for handheld devices without compromising image quality.”

The Gorilla glass is now commercially available for mobile devices, the company says.

“Corning’s investment in research and development over the past three years has resulted in an exceptional period of innovation productivity,” said Dr. Joseph A. Miller, Corning’s chief technology officer, in the statement.

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