Dancing the battery blues away

Juxaposition is such a cool word isn’t it?

And I came up with a great definition this week: writing about how some devices now let users send text messages while also talking on a mobile device, yet having to go outside my own house to make a call on my own cell phone.

What got me thinking about this was an item today about the mobile device battery. You know, the thing that dies when you need to make a call to the boss.

It seems someone’s come up with a human-energy propelled charger. A mobile device user dances, and the energy created is captured with some snazzy armband that converts it into storage power on the device.

Hello? Nintendo?

Am I the only one who may see this as the perfect companion gadget for Dance, Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and even Wii’s fitness game console?

It’s got green and its got the whole health thing going. You can use it anywhere you can dance that is.

Now too bad we can’t dance ourselves into always-on clear crisp mobile connectivity.

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