Data’s Latest Threat: Can You Say ‘iPod’?

Think enterprise storage and visions of white boxes, tall server farms, sprawling data centers come to mind.

I doubt the iPod, a MP3 player or that cute blue USB flash drive hanging around your colleague’s neck come to mind.

But given the results of a new report from Credant Technologies, they all should pop into view as all could be posing the newest threat to data today.

Take a gander at some top findings from a Credant study about these little technology terrors:

86% polled say the USB flash drive is most often used to store data exchanged between computers, data-centric phones with SD cards came in second.

Yet, when it comes to serving as a source of data leakage, the iPod is emerging as a main threat, with data-centric phones just slightly ahead.

While the iPod is used to store lots of data, it seems enterprises don’t seem too knowledgeable about the posed threat as 61% have never heard of ���pod slurping��� ��� the downloading of corporate data to an iPod.

Most surprisingly, though, is while tech leaders acknowledge the threat the devices pose, nearly half polled — 49% of all respondents — aren’t ready to take any preventative action until they know that the devices
are more widely used to store business data on them.


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