Debian Squeeze(s) out a new release – Not just for Linux anymore


From the ‘Out of the Toy Story box‘ files:

Over the weekend, Debian 6 – aka – Squeeze, was officially release after two years of development.


Normally when a new distro comes out the first thing that I write about is all the ‘new’ Linux features. With Squeeze the most notable new feature isn’t actually Linux related, it’s a new Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD tech preview.

That’s right, Debian is going BSD.

“Debian 6.0 Squeeze introduces technical previews of two new
ports to the kernel of the FreeBSD project using the known Debian/GNU userland:
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD for the 32-bit PC (kfreebsd-i386) and
the 64-bit PC (kfreebsd-amd64),” the Squeeze announcement states. “These ports are the first
ones ever to be included in a Debian release which are not based on
the Linux kernel. The support of common server software is strong and
combines the existing features of Linux-based Debian versions with the
unique features known from the BSD world.”

That’s a really big deal.

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