Dimdim out of Beta on December 3rd


From the “what does Beta mean anyways?” files:

InternetNews.com has learned that open source conferencing startup Dimdim is set to formally exit its beta period on December 3rd.

Dimdim first demoed their software a year ago at DEMO – and their “Eagle” release came out in May of this year. Dimdim has also recently benefited from the investment of Zimbra founder Satish Dharmaraj.

If you look at the Dimdim offering as it stands today they already have a Free, Pro and Enterprise offering – and in my experience the product is very stable and works. Frankly I don’t know anymore what the word “beta” really means since we all see so many Beta’s (mostly from Google) that are so good. Remember GMAIL is officially still a Google Beta.

That said the move to be out of Beta is a symbolic move at the very least and shows that the market and technology for open source conferencing is a reality. I don’t know what else Dimdim plans on announcing on December 3rd, though it’s likely to include some additional features that help to further its mission and its competitive stance. This is a market in which Cisco’s WebEx is the giant, so Dimdim will need all the help (and features) it can get.

**UPDATED** 1 PM ET ** Got a comment on this post from Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
Dimdim (thnX Kevin!!) that provides some additional details. Click on the “comment” link for the full entry but here’s the gist:

We’ve improved the user interface based on customer feedback, improved
recording & archiving, added some new meeting tools, and my
personal favorite — we’re introducing synchronized web browsing. This
will let you navigate the web from within Dimdim, with your attendees
following along as you click and scrol

OK as I expected the release is not out. Officially titled Dimdim 4.5 (codenamed “Liberty”) the sync feature is now officially called,SynchroLive. According to Dimdim’s release, “the SyncroLive Communication Platform automatically scales its performance to ensure all live communications are synchronized; whether sharing the desktop, webcam, PowerPoint, whiteboard or web pages.”

Dimdim 4.5 also has integration with Zimbra (no surprise), Moodle and SugarCRM.

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