Docker on Docker at DockerCon EU 17

COPENHAGEN — Docker Inc. the company behind the open-source Docker container technology doesn’t just build docker, it also used the same technology to power its own services.

In a session at the DockerCon EU conference here, Docker infrastructure engineers Brett Inman and Marcus Docker on DockerMartins details how Docker Inc. run Docker to power its operations.

“All of Docker’s SaaS (Software as a Service) run on Docker EE,” Inman said.

From a size and scale perspective, Docker is running its SaaS operation across 80 nodes and is using 60 swarm (clustering) services.  Inman said that Docker has figured out best practises for running docker for itself and is set to detail those findings at some point in the near future at:

Docker is Docker’s own best customer and beta tester as well.

“We’re an in-house customer at scale in production,” Martins said.

That experience leads to overall Docker improvements as well with at least 35 feature requests in recent month. Additionally, Docker Inc is running the edge/canary version of the product before it becomes generally availab.e

“We’re customer zero,” Martins said. “Everyting goes through our production evniroment before it goes to other other customers.”

“We will be the first customer to be running DockerEE with Kubernetes in production,” he added.

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