Fedora 15 codenamed Lovelock

From the ‘huh?’ files:

The Red Hat sponsored Fedora Linux distribution pushed out their latest release Fedora 14 codenamed Laughlin this week. Now their turning their attention to the next release and the first matter of business it the release name:


The way the Fedora naming process works is community members vote on the name which needs to have some kind of relationship between releases.

So what’s the relationship between Lovelock and Laughlin?

Laughlin is a city in Nevada, and so is Lovelock.

Yeaah, I know. Vegas would have made a better choice (and check out the naming wiki — I added it there — a bit late — but hey i’m just a hack).

Naming issues aside, Fedora 15 will likely be the first Post Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 release of Fedora and it will be really interesting to see what new tech gets rolled in.

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