Fedora 16 will not be a Beefy Miracle

From the ‘No Nattys Here‘ files:

The Fedora community has voted on the name for the next major release of this Linux distribution.

There were some 2,204 votes cast for the winner…


Yes, Verne.

I personally had thought that, Beefy Miracle would win, but that name only ended up with 1,662 votes. Beefy Miracle had been making a name for itself with an active Twitter feed that I have enjoyed following.

There is also a project page supporting the campaign for Beefy Miracle. I’ve never seen so much effort and marketing going behind a potential name.

It’s a real shame that it didn’t win.

But why didn’t it win? Is it a question of Fedora voters not wanting to ‘relish’ in the Beefy Miracle name? Or am I missing something and is Verne cooler?

Maybe the idea is to go, Around the World in 80 days with Linux?

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