Firefox 4 knows about:me (and you)

From the ‘Do Track‘ files:

I’m a big fan of data analytics which is why back in 2009 I was excited about a new potential Firefox feature called about:me.

The basic idea was that the about:me call would provide users with information about their browsing habits and usage.

Originally about:me was a feature that was under consideration for direction integration with Firefox 3.6, but that didn’t happen. Instead became an add-on for Firefox 3.6.x.

This week, at long last, is now available as an add-on for Firefox 4 too.

This is a great relief to me, as it means that about:me has a future.

Too many ‘maybe-features’, like Mozilla Prism for example, get relegated to the add-on dustbin, never to progress to Firefox 4 (there is no Prism add-on for Firefox 4 which is a real shame).

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