GTK 3.0 takes on Qt with new release

From the ‘Open Source UI’ files:

GTK 3.0 is now available, and it promises some nice advances over GTK 2.x which is the UI framework behind GNOME (and tonnes of other cross-platform open source apps the rely on it).

Aside from GNOME, I personally rely on GTK for some of the open source apps that I happen to run on the (few) Windows PC that (unfortunately) I run.

So what’s new in GTK 3? 

Cairo drawing throughout, new theming API and what Red Hat developer Matthias Clasen refers to as, ‘easy application support’.

“With the integration of D-Bus support in GIO,
we could finally add a GtkApplication class that handles a lot of the
platform integration aspects of writing an application, such as keeping
track of open windows, ensuring uniqueness, exporting actions, etc,” Clasen blogged.

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