First OpenStack Kilo RCs Debut

From the ‘Not Far Now’ files:

The first Release Candidate (RCs) for the upcoming OpenStack Kilo release are now out. I’ve seen the RC for Nova (,  and the RC for Trove at: with more set to follow.

OpenStack Release Manager Thierry Carrez notes for all of the Kilo RC’s that:openstack

Unless release-critical issues are found that warrant a release candidate respin, this RC1 will be formally released as the 2015.1.0 final version on April 30. You are therefore strongly encouraged to test and validate this tarball !”

In my experience the first RC is (almost) never the final release, so there are likely a few more RCs to go before April 30 rolls around.

Looking specifically at Nova there is at least one fix that has caught my attention already. Bug #1401437 is titled ‘nova passes incorrect authentication info to cinderclient’. The bug notes that:

There are multiple problems with the authentication information that nova/volume/cinder code passes to cinderclient

That’s pretty serious, for both regular usage and for security. Over the course of the next two week as the RCs for Kilo drop, I suspect that a number of other serious bugs will get stomped and we’ll get more insight into the big new feature bits too.

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