Google Chrome 42, Hitchhikes Its’ Way Through 45 Security Fixes

Science-Fiction fans all know the significance of the number 42 and so does Google. Google released Chrome 42 stable on April 14, providing users with new security fixes so they don’t need to panic.

42 is of course the answer to the question of the meaning of life, in the classic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book series. Google’s release notes for Chrome 42 indicate that the new release includes fixes and improvements including the answer to life, the universe and everything.

On a more serious note, Chrome 42 (technically Chrome 42.0.2311.90 ) includes 45 security fixes. Of the 45 security fixes, Google has specifically called out 12 of them, that were reported by third party security researchers. For those security vulnerabilities, Google is awarding security researchers a total of $21,500 in awards.

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Google Chrome 42 Gets Galactic Security Update

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