Forget 200 lines, Red Hat speeds up Linux with 4 lines of code

From the ‘NO BS‘ files:

Speeding up Linux, doesn’t necessarily have to be a gargantuan task and it doesn’t have to be done by Linus Torvalds either.

On Monday, Torvalds praised a new 200 line Linux kernel patch that was going to make Linux faster for all. Inside of the same week, a new userspace patch has emerged that can likely do the same thing, but with less code and even better performance.

“I really wonder why logic like this should live in kernel space at all,since a) the kernel has no real notion of a session, except audit and b) this is policy and as soon as people have this kind of group then they probably want other kind of autogrouping as well for the other controllers, which hence means userspace is a better, and configurable place for this.“Red Hat developer Lennart Poettering wrote in a Linux Kernel Mailing list posting.

Torvalds (always the diplomat) responded:

Numbers talk, bullshit walks. The numbers have been quoted. The clear interactive behavior has been seen. And you’re just full of bullshit. Come back when you have something working and with numbers and better interactive performance. Until then, nobody cares.

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