Get Microsoft’s IE 8 Activities For Firefox Today

From the ‘whatever you can do, I can do better’  files:

Among the ‘exciting’ new features of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) is something called ‘Activities’ (which as many open source browser users know really is just a form of the microformats standards that Firefox already supports).

To go a step further, IBM staffer (and noted Mozilla contributor) Mike Kaply has just updated his Operator Firefox microformats extension with a new Activities Extension to have the same sort of functionality as IE 8’s Activities. I wrote about Kaply and Operator a few months back – Operator is an easy to use and powerful extension.

You can install activities from the Service Gallery,
and then if you open a new window, those activities will be active
(they don’t become active in the page you download them from – working
on that). To use an activity, highlight some text and right click on
it. If folks think this is interesting, I’ll keep working on it. Enjoy.

Go figure. Microsoft keeps its new ‘feature’ secret for over a year and its already available for Firefox.

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