GoDaddy goes one Super Bowl ad more

The Web hosting site known for its provactive and lurid Super Bowl ads is now running two commercials during the biggest annual sporting event Sunday.

Initially GoDaddy planned to run one of two ads it had created based on a online vote that was held this month.

But according to a PR email late Friday GoDaddy bought up one of NBC’s remaining slots at the last minute to showcase both ads, which feature sexy race car driver Danica Patrick in two different story lines as ** [reported](/bus-news/article.php/10791_3799726_1) this week.

The first, called “Shower,” features Patrick in a shower with another woman as three college students control the women’s movements from a computer keyboard.

The second, called “Baseball,” spoofs the industry’s recent steroids scandal using female anatomy as a visual aid.

And, of course, GoDaddy will feature uncensored and uncut versions of both ads on its Web site.

What’s not known is whether the online voting on which ad to feature was too close to call.

Or if NBC, given it obviously hadn’t sold out its ad slots, lowered its original $3 million for 30 second rate card cost.

GoDaddy had said its Super Bowl advertising effort was running about $2 million this year, the same as last year.

So maybe GoDaddy just saw a great opportunity to get more bang for the buck from an ad event that has paid off “in spades,” as one VP said this week.

Whichever it was, a cheaper ad rate or too close to call voting, GoDaddy just keeps going where few other Super Bowl advertisers tread.

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