Google Chrome FINALLY gets Page Speed


From the ‘What Took So Long?‘ files:

When I develop websites, I rely on Google’s Page Speed (and to a lesser extent Yahoo’s Y!slow) add-ons to help improve pages.

Though Page Speed is a Google tool, the vast majority of users use it on Firefox, That could soon change as Google has finally made Page Speed available as a Chrome plug-in.

Google though it going a step further to make Page Speed for Chrome even better than the one that Firefox users use, for not at least.

“We’ve improved scoring and suggestion ordering to help
web developers focus on higher-potential optimizations first,” Google Page Speed developers wrote in a blog post. “Plus,
because making the web faster
is a global initiative, Page Speed now supports displaying localized
rule results in 40 languages! These improvements are part of the Page
Speed SDK, so they will also appear in the next release of our Firefox
add-on as well.”

The scoring is actually a pretty big deal. On ‘messy’ code Page Speed can deliver a dizzying list of suggestions. With an improved scoring mechanism, devs will be able to spend less time figuring out what’s important to fix.

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