Hadoop Coming to OpenStack Juno in October 2014

openstackFrom the ‘Savanah/Sahara/It’s All Hadoop’ files:

We’re now at the feature freeze point for the upcoming OpenStack Icehouse cloud release, but plans are now also starting to form for OpenStack Juno which is set for an October 2014 release.

Running Big Data, and more specifically, a Hadoop cluster on top of OpenStack is something that the Savanah project has been building, led by Mirantis. Savanna was recently renamed to Sahara, due to a trademark concern (joining a long list of OpenStack projects in recent years that have had to be renamed – remember Quantum?).

Sahara has now been formally voted on to become an integrated part of the Juno release.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that potential users need to wait until October to benefit from Sahara. Mirantis has been including Savannah/Sahara as part of its OpenStack distribution since October of 2013.

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