Open Source WordPress 3.9 Now at Beta 2

wordpressFrom the ‘Soon…Very…Soon’ files:

The next major release of the widely deployed open source WordPress blogging and content management system software is continuing to mature. The WordPress 3.9 beta 2 is now available, providing a long list of changes. The WordPress 3.8 release debuted back in December of 2013.

Among the many new capabilities in WordPress 3.9 is the inclusion of Widget management in live previews. This is work that can be found in the Widget Customizer plugin that is now being added to the core WordPress release.

WordPress 3.9 is also set to include new audio and video playlist capabilities

The WordPress 3.9 Beta 2 release is actually about a week behind its original target date and there are still Beta 3 and Release candidate versions that need to come out. It looks likely however that WordPress 3.9 will hit general availability the last week of April.

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