How far is Yahoo really searching for new CEO?

Sue Decker? Carol Bartz? Those are two of the more prominent names rumored to be finalists for the top spot at Yahoo.

To recap, the struggling Internet giant announced last November it was [looking for a new CEO](/search/article.php/3785606/Yang+Out+as+Yahoos+CEO.htm). Co-founder Jerry Yang is helping with the search and maintains the CEO position until his replacement is found. Yahoo’s stock has been tanking every since Yang & company turned down Microsoft’s $31 billion$47.5 billion offer to buy the company. (Obviously, the downturn in the economy hasn’t helped either).

If the rumors of Bartz and Decker are true it doesn’t look like Yahoo wants to rock its increasingly leaky boat too much with its executive search strategy. As President of Yahoo, I have to believe Decker bears some responsibility for the current state of affairs at the company (the Microsoft fiasco, dropping search engine share, loss of key employees, etc.) either by her actions or inaction.

I suppose it’s possible that once given CEO authority, Decker will emerge as an executive dynamo, either sealing a sweet deal for its search engine with Microsoft or making the Yahoo-as-Internet-start page strategy pay off big time.

Or not.

To me a Decker appointment can’t help but signal Yang and Yahoo’s board want the status quo to continue and that can’t be music to shareholder’s ears. Ditto for Carol Bartz. Bartz has a wealth of tech experience, including 14 years at computer-aided-design firm Autodesk. She was Autodesk CEO until 2006, and continues to serve as its executive chairman. Like Decker, Bartz is considered a good business manager, plenty smart and well-connected, serving on several big company boards.

Internet experience? Not so much. I guess that’s where Jerry and friends can help.

C’mon Yahoo, you can be bolder. Last I checked [Carly Fiornia ]( looking for a new gig.

Other nominations? I did a search for “Tech CEO” at Yahoo’s search engine, and [this guy](, near the top of the results, has made himself available. That’s the spirit!

I’d love to hear your suggestions in the feedback in comments. Please include a line or two defending your suggestion.

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