Intel takes its mobile Linux to the Linux Foundation

From the ‘going mobile‘ files:

I’ve been writing about Intel’s Moblin since 2007. The basic idea is that it’s a mobile Linux distribution as well as a community for mobile Linux developers. For Intel, it is a key effort as it works hand in hand with their Atom CPUs. Now after two years of going it on their own, Intel is transferring the effort to the Linux Foundation.

Considering that initially at least, Moblin was not something that was welcomed by embedded Linux vendor MontaVista, the move to have Moblin be more open is a good thing.

“The Linux Foundation is the perfect environment to take Moblin to the next level,” said Doug Fisher, vice president Intel Software and Services Group, and general manager System Software Division in a statement. “The open source process delivers multiple benefits to any project including, faster innovation and increase technology visibility.”

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