Internet be damned, newspapers to stop their slide?

This is an odd one.

Borrell and Associates, a market research firm based in Williamsburg, Va., that focuses on media and advertising, is forecasting that newspaper revenues from print advertising will not only level off over the next few years, but actually increase.

Not all ad revenues (print and Web). Just *print*.

“With news stories of bankruptcies, reduced distribution, and outright closures, it is easy to see why some observers think the newspaper is an endangered medium,” writes Borrell President Colby Atwood. “But amateur pundits often make the error of forecasting with a ruler, extrapolating current trends straight into the ground.”

Borrell looks for the precipitous decline in ad revenues to end this year, projecting that newspapers will post a 2.4 percent increase in print-ad sales next year. By 2014, Borrell estimates that newspaper income will have climbed 8.7 percent from this year’s mark, which it’s pegging at $35.9 billion.

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