Is HTML5 broken?

From the ‘Standardized Silos’ files:

There is alot of talk from browser vendors about HTML5 as being the greatest thing for web standards – replacing Flash for video – and generally making the Web a more open and standards based place.

I’m not entirely sure that’s true (yet). HTML5 isn’t a standard, it’s still a work in progress. Different browser vendors each implement the HTML5 work-in-progress standard a bit differently too.

Take for example Apple. Today Apple posted an HTML5 demo page showcasing all the great things that HTML5 can do. The problem is that to view the page you need to be running Safari. While I understand that the latest Safari supports many HTML5 standards, both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also support HTML5 as well.

So to extend the argument further, if HTML5 is truly about creating an open web standard for all, shouldn’t an HTML5 demo page highlight standard features that work across all HTML5 compliant browsers?

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