Top Bets for Apple’s WWDC Plans

With Apple’s closely watched Worldwide Developers Conference just around the corner, the industry is guessing what the maker of the Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone has up its sleeve.

Fortunately, a great deal is already known, thanks to earlier revelations about Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 and what seem to have been a number of high-profile leaks of as-yet-unreleased or prototype Apple iPhones. Coupled with a schedule that leans very heavily toward the mobile, it’s clear that Apple is set to bring the brunt of its might to bear in refining and expanding its mobile platforms. EnterpriseMobileToday takes a look at what we can expect from the upcoming conference and Apple’s forthcoming wares.

Any Apple event that includes a keynote by Steve Jobs is guaranteed to conjure up anticipation and rumors of what new products and services the Apple CEO might unveil. The keynote to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which occurs on Monday, is no exception.

It’s already clear that any new announcements will center on the company’s mobile platform as all sessions and labs at WWDC this year are focused exclusively on iPhone and iPad development. Since the April preview of iPhone OS 4, rumors and leaks of details surrounding future iPhone OS features, the hardware of a next-generation iPhone, and potential deals with other U.S. mobile carriers have swarmed around the Internet.

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