Is Sun going down? Sun says no

Everyone hears rumors.

Heck the blogsphere not only reports rumors, it creates them and fuels them to the point where sometimes you can’t even believe what you’re reading.

But when you hear three different rumors about the same company, in the timeframe of 18 hours, it can make your head snap up just a little bit.

The company here is Sun.

The rumors are the following:

Sun is for sale – the whole enchilada…

Sun is spinning off and selling off StorageTek — yea, this has been mulled and whispered about but given that there seems to be little force pushing StorageTek to where it should be by now you gotta wonder…

Sun is tanking its Honeycomb technology — this was the project announced in 2005 that resulted in a fixed content system, the Sun StorageTek 5800, in 2007

So like an enterprising, and responsible, journalist I put a call into Sun to see what’s up.

I’ll be back later today to update you if I hear any response. If you know anything, let me know.

Sun got back to me, and after inquiring about the sources, provided this statement:

*Sun is committed to its growth strategy, its leadership team, and building value for its shareholders.
Storage is an important part of that strategy as evidenced by our Open Storage initiative, our leadership in flash, and our announcement of the world’s first 1 TB tape drive. Statements to the contrary are pure rumor mongering and FUD.*

Hmmm. I kind of wish they had just said “no, no and no.”

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