Is that Thunder, or a Storm, coming our way?

The rumor mill has Research in Motion debuting its first touch BlackBerry device at any moment under the name of either Storm or Thunder, depending on what blog or news service you read.

Just this morning Reuters [reports]( that RIM is close to launching the device, which will supposedly be named the BlackBerry Storm 9530, through wireless carrier Verizon Wireless.

Speculation has been rampant for a few reasons.

One is the fact RIM does not have a touch screen feature unlike the ever-popular Apple iPhone and the forthcoming T-Mobile G1.

Another is that RIM has been very busy this year pushing its once business-focused smartphone into the hands of soccer Moms and other consumers.

Third — well the holiday buying season is right around the corner.

As RIM’s earnings call is set for tomorrow, Thursday Sept. 25th, I’m betting the market leader will likely make some announcement about the fourth BlackBerry device to come out this year. As RIM’s in a quiet period it’s not likely to say a word until then.

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