Is wireless the next PC revolution in the making?

Think wireless and we likely think about cellphones, checking email away from the office, browsing to find the movie playing at the local theatre.

But as a new [report]( from the CTIA indicates, wireless is having a huge impact on our lives and on the US economy.

The report projects the total value of wireless broadband and mobile voice services to exceed $427B by the year 2016 — as the report notes:

**To put this information into context, consider that by 2016, the value of the combined mobile wireless voice and broadband productivity gains to the US economy – $427 billion per year – will exceed today’s motor vehicle manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries combined.**

But just as amazing is the impact wireless technology is having on our productivity levels.

Big winners are enterprises in the healthcare and SMB sector.

Just three years ago productivity improvements tied to mobile broadband solutions across the U.S. health care industry were valued at almost $6.9B.

Tht number will triple to $27.2B come 2016.

Here is another interesting stat:

In 2005, 68.8 million US enterprise users had mobile wireless services, with 25% using a mobile wireless broadband solution.

By 2016, the US will have 81.9 million mobile enterprise users, with 83% using wireless broadband.

The study also examined the annual productivity gains and cost saving for the five largest U.S. states –California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois.

The combined yearly cost savings for these five alone, due to implementation and use of wireless broadband, will increase from $10.1B in 2005 to more than $47B in 2016.

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