It’s Dan the man again

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is again the pitch man on Sprint’s advertising campaign.

This time he’s sitting at a diner counter talking about ReadyNow, the carrier’s supercharged customer service program that promises to make sure mobile device users leave a Sprint store actually knowing how to use their new gadget.

I like Dan Hesse’s demeanor. I think he’s a great ‘face’ for the Sprint brand and he did alot being out front for the Simply Everything plan ads back in the Spring.

But him sitting in a diner talking about ReadyNow doesn’t show me how great ReadyNow truly is. It should show him in a Sprint store learning how to use the voice-activated GPS application he loves to use.

Hey, I’m no marketing guru or advertising expert that’s for sure. I try to stick with what I know best.

But I think Sprint needs to show more than tell these days, just like Microsoft needs to do in its quest to put Apple back in its place 😉

Show me what I’ll get when I step into a Sprint store and need to know how to download music or coordinate my photos or use my calendar app. That will be a powerful advertising message.

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