getting major Linux hardware reboot #LinuxCon

From the “How Hot Dogs Are Made‘ files:

BOSTON. At the heart of all Linux kernel development is the infrastructure.

In a session at LinuxCon, the Linux Foundation’s John Hawley, said that the infrastructure for is set to undergo a major refresh.

Overall he said there will be four new servers coming online soon. Two of them with be stacked with 144 Gigabytes of RAM per box.  The new hardware is being provided by HP.

HP’s Bdale Garbee who was present in the audience said, “It’s a steaming pile of hardware.”

Hawley also noted that runs Fedora Linux as it’s a fast moving Linux distribution with support for newer kernel versions. He added that most of the admins at have grown up with Red Hat and that’s why they’re using Fedora.

When it comes to new kernel releases, Hawley said that new kernel releases typically don’t result in large traffic spikes to He noted that in his view more people get their kernel’s from their distributions. also provides mirroring for Linux distributions. The top user, in terms of bandwidth is Mandriva at 1.5 Terabytes followed by Fedora at 800 Gigabytes.

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