The continuum of Linux news #LinuxCon

From the ‘Panel Preview’ files:

BOSTON. This afternoon I’m set to be on a panel of my peers in the Linux journalism business. The business of Linux journalism is one that has changed in recent years, but for me the song has remained the same.

I’ve been a Linux journalist here at since 2003 and while much has happened, there are a few common threads that continue to re-appear. I call it the Continuum of Linux News.

The continuum is what keeps me and my peers busy, it is the ebb and flow of Linux news that I don’t think will change any time soon.

The continuum includes:

  • Linux kernel releases (and associated kernel development).
  • Linux distribution releases (and associate events/developments)
  • Linux application/system management
  • My app/hardware  runs on Linux type stories
  • This is the year of the Linux desktop
  • Linux is (in) secure
  • Linux is used by everyone on Earth (stats stories)
  • Legal stories (including the FUD mongers)
  • Linus says (i.e the kernel is bloated)
  • Shuttleworth says ..

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