Linux Certification Expands with LPI and CompTIA

From the ‘Certify Your Linux Skills‘ files:

The Linux skills certification landscape is getting a little easier thanks to a new partnership between CompTIA and the Linux
Professional Institute (LPI). It’s a move that will help to further consolidate the fragmented Linux skills certification market.

The LPI offers a number of Linux certification programs that I’ve written about over the years. What is now happening with CompTIA, which has its own Linux certification called Linux+, is CompTIA is integrating with LPI’s LPIC-1 certification(Linux Professional Institute Certification).

So if you’re taking a certification exam from CompTIA for Linux+ you’ll get an LPIC-1 certification as well as the Linux+.

“With this new initiative we join a widely
recognized non-profit association of the leading vendors in the IT

industry,” Jim
president and CEO of LPI said in a statement. “For CompTIA’s candidates, they will have access to LPI’s

higher level programs and certifications in Linux.”

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