Min Summit: Engagement And Online Media

NEW YORK — At today’s [Min Day Summit](http://www.minonline.com/mds) in New York City, several print, advertising and digital media executives laid out their tips on how to succeed in [online media](/bus-news/article.php/3741031/From+Print+Magazines+to+Online+Communities.htm).

One theme of the day was engagement — that media sites need to keep their core audience in mind and engage their readership in various forms. At [TVGuide.com](http://www.tvguide.com), for instance, every writer has a presence on Facebook and interacts with readers in that space, said the site’s managing editor Matt Mitovich.

One surprising tidbit came from Richard Glosser, executive director, emerging media at [CondeNet](http://www.condenet.com), who spoke about podcasts as almost a thing of the past.
“Every advertiser needed a podcast; now people aren’t talking about podcasts,” he said.
“Advertisers are more interested in widgets.”

More to come on today’s Min summit.

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