Moto loses another mobile division leader

Motorola’s multimedia chief honcho Mike Hickey has jumped ship, taking the CEO job over at Wolfson Microelectronics, a British chip maker.

It’s a curious announcement and one Motorola isn’t providing information on at its Web site. But Wolfson put out a few releases, and according to a CNN report the 49-year-old has been working in Moto’s mobile division for three years.

One has to wonder if Hickey left because of Sanjay Jha coming onboard this summer as the new mobile division CEO and also co-CEO for Motorola.

Obviously he was spared during Co-CEO Greg Brown’s executive bloodbath that took place the first six months of this year so that must mean Brown wanted him to stay on.

Maybe Motorola will announce a replacement during a talk Brown is giving to investors Thursday. Brown’s expected to provide some specifics on new products and strategies.

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