Motorola CEO’s Dream Comes True

Motorola chief Greg Brown has to have a bouncy step this week as he roams the halls switching out leaders, chaffing over strategy and trying to find that special someone to lead the mobile division.

He’s also likely saying a few thank you prayers to the stock gods for inspiring Carl Icahn to back off Motorola and jump on Yahoo.

It’s not something anyone would wish on someone — seriously, letting loose a cannonball the likes of Icahn on a public company is a formidable action.

The man wields power and influence the likes of how Frank Perdue knew chicken.

I’m sure Brown’s saying a few prayers for Yahoo’s Jerry Yang cause, after all, they’re both leaders trying to figure out what’s best for their companies.

It’s what they’re paid the big bucks for by shareholders like Icahn.

What I don’t understand, and that may be because I don’t have a MBA, is why hostile action is considered viable when companies are clearly at a crucial strategy point.

As my mother used to tell me, fighting about something never gets you anywhere except off the topic. And then she would repeat that old adage: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

I guess I just don’t see corporate raiding or threats to take over a company, as being part of the solution.

But again, I’m no MBA and I don’t see the allure Carl Icahn obviously sees in picking a fight.

I have no personal beef with Icahn. Money and power and influence are clearly his favorite toys and you can’t knock the guy for knowing how to play the SEC guidelines with stock buying and selling.

I guess what I do knock is taking what I think is a low road on a supposed high-road quest to keep companies successful.

No one knows Yahoo like Jerry Yang.

No one except those involved in the Microsoft meetings knows what was discussed and why the talks fell flat.

No one should have anything except respect for companies like Yahoo and Motorola.

I realize Icahn isn’t looking to burn down the building, and maybe he did have dinner and drinks with Yang before igniting his battle plans to talk a less hostile strategy.

I just hope those supportive Yahoo shareholders and board members behind Icahn realize one thing.

This is Carl Icahn’s playing field and he makes the rules.

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