Mozilla Bespin 0.8 minizes online IDE

From the ‘Good Things Come in Small Packages‘ files:

Among the most interesting Mozilla Labs projects that I track (and use) is the Bespin embedded/online web development project.

Remember the old Netscape Composer app that used to be part of the big Netscape Suite ? — take that, make it modern, more powerful, browser-based and smaller and then you get the idea of where Bespin is headed.

With the 0.8 release, Mozilla’s developers are making the app even smaller than it was before. The 0.8 release is only about 300k, yeah that’s small.

Smaller doesn’t mean fewer features though, the new milestone release includes a theming capability. According to the Bespin 0.8 release notes, “themes can style both the
editor text and the user interface elements.”

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