ICANN Pushes DNSSEC as Internet Threats Mount

Is the Internet in peril? Depends on who you ask. But if you talk to officials at ICANN — one of the Internet’s key management bodies — they may be likely to point out the myriad of threats targeting the Net’s reliance on the DNS system.

That’s the message coming out of this week’s ICANN meeting in Belgium, where executives and researchers not only detailed the threat facing the Internet’s core infrastructure, they also outlined an important mechanic for fighting the danger that they say industry vendors and businesses need to adopt: DNSSEC. eSecurity Planet has the story.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers — or ICANN, as it’s better known — is responsible for managing the Internet’s domain name system. While much of its focus has been on new top-level domains, ICANN these days is busily ramping up the technology and its pitch for making the Internet more secure for its users.

“ICANN’s mission is to ensure a secure, stable and unified global Internet,” ICANN CEO Rob Beckstrom said. “We must be an active catalyst for its defense.”

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

ICANN Maps Out Internet Defense

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