Mozilla Firefox 5 Beta now out – that was fast!

From the ‘These Trains Run On-Time‘ files:

Mozilla is proving me and other naysayers wrong today, with the release of Firefox 5 Beta.

That’s right Firefox 5. This is the fastest turnaround from one major release to the Beta of the next in the history of Mozilla (Netscape is another story though...).

While this is a Beta – it has a mountain of changes on stability and bug fix issues.

Clearly the days of a long list of BIG NEW FEATURES in each and every Firefox release are now gone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new features too. Though those new features just aren’t as obvious as they were to me in say the transistion from Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 4.

In that way, Mozilla mimics Chrome where the difference between Chrome 10 and 11 is an evolutionary, not revolutionary improvement.

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