The Future of the OpenStack Open Source Cloud

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I’ve been following the open source OpenStack cloud effort since it was first announced in June of 2010. I mean come on, how many times does a tech journalist like me get to interview NASA about enterprise open source tech?

Over the course of the last year, I’ve seen OpenStack grow from its NASA/Rackspace base, into becoming the most influential open source cloud project on Earth. I’ve seen IT vendors big and small including Cisco, Dell, Brocade, Citrix and Canonical all align behind the OpenStack vision.

There hasn’t been such a gathering of tech titans for an open source effort since IBM launched the Eclipse Foundation. OpenStack is a multi-vendor group and make no mistake about it, OpenStack is the present and the future of the cloud.

OpenStack however has not been embraced by all open source vendors. In particular, Red Hat is going its own way and does not participate in OpenStack. The mantle of Linux in OpenStack instead has fallen to Canonical and its Ubuntu Linux.

I recently caught up with co-founder of the Rackspace Cloud and member of the OpenStack Project Policy Board, Jonathan Bryce and I asked him about Linux and why Ubuntu has come first. I also got Bryce to reveal why he thinks that OpenStack is a once-in-a-lifetime open source opportunity.

Click on the link below to see a video of the conversation with Jonathan Bryce of OpenStack.

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