Mozilla Jetpack goes private with 0.4 SDK

From the ‘Private Add-ons‘ files:

Mozilla developers are continuing to work on the next generation Jetpack add-on technology and this week released the 0.4 milestone.

While the Jetpack SDK is still a work in progress, it is set to be an integrated part of the upcoming Firefox 4 release — though that release is still months away.

With the 0.3 Jetpack SDK context awareness was added. With this new 0.4 SDK, Jetpack is adding a few really interesting capabilities among them is the ability to detect if a browser is in Private Browsing Mode (aka porn mode).

The ability for Jetpack to detect and work with Private Browsing is an interesting one. Potentially I could see that it will mean that Jetpack add-ons will be able to work in tandem with Private Browsing such that cookies and other history information isn’t stored when they shouldn’t be.

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